Current Trends In Men’s Tuxedos

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Like James Bond, tuxedos never go out of style. The way you wear them may be a little different from the past, but when it comes right down to it, tuxedos makes a man look like a million bucks.

Now the question is: how do you wear this classic attire while still keeping up with the latest fashion? Here is what you should know about the current trends in men’s tuxedos.

One Button

The one-button design is also a favorite today with the double-button type slowly going out of style. Not really surprising considering how the one-button provides a more striking silhouette for the male figure – not unlike with suits. So far, a lot of designers are following this trend and male celebs have shown up on the red carpet with this particular look.

44-lBlack and Black Tie Shawls

Black is the ever-present favorite when it comes to tuxedos, but you will find that there are different styles favored today. Black tie shawl collars seem to be it as more and more male celebs are seen wearing this type of attire during big events – like the Oscars. As you know, shawls go all the way around, creating a very formal design that is perfect for really important moments.

A good example here is Braydon by Ike Behar. Currently available, Braydon is a classic tuxedo design with a well-fitted front hitched by a single button. It is a very “Black Attire” tuxedo that is a perfect fit for practically all formal occasions. Other features include a satin shawl collar and a satin besom pocket.

White on White

The white on white approach is a classic, but favored by men with a darker skin tone. It really provides a balance, especially with remarkable slim fit and very low-profile accents along the trim. A good example of this is the White Waverly. A design by Ike Bahar, this particular tuxedo is very eye catching thanks to the white and black color combination. The first thing you will see with this one is the black lining along the trim, creating a very distinguished look. It is meant to be worn as a jacket, elegantly partnered with black pants. Again, it is a single-button design with a single breasted front. A slim fit tuxedo, the White Waverly comes with a Black Waverly counterpart.

Midnight Blue

The midnight blue tuxedo design was not exactly popular before – but now, they are definitely stealing the spotlight! There are several examples of the midnight blue or navy blue tuxedo, possibly the most popular one being the “Allure Men” featured by Jean Yves. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what makes the blue design eye catching – perhaps it is the fact that with most tuxedos being either white or black, the blue shade manages to stand out from the rest.

No matter what style you choose, keep in mind that nothing beats a perfectly fitting tuxedo. Unfortunately, not everyone can own one – but you can rent this dashing attire and still get the results you want without forking over several hundred in cash. Check out what is available in the tuxedo rental listings today!

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