The Differences Between a Tuxedo and a Suit


Many people may know that a tuxedo and a suit are slightly different but they don’t know exactly what makes them different. For most people, the tuxedo is merely a fancy suit. Although it may be true to say that a tuxedo is a fancy form of a suit there is more to it than just being an elevated form of a suit. Granted, a tuxedo and a suit have several similarities but they do have more differences than similarities.

Some of the differences between a tuxedo and a suit include:


The first major difference between a tuxedo and a suit is in the appearance. A suit, which consists of a trouser and a jacket is usually all made of the same material. However a tuxedo jacket usually has a stain or a silk lapel as well as a stripe of satin down the leg of the trousers. This is perhaps the most major difference between the two. Traditionally, the shirt that went with the tuxedo usually had a pleated front making it fancier than the ordinary shirt that goes with a suit. However with changing times, the tuxedo short has become less flamboyant.


Tuxedos are usually reserved for formal and special occasions. They are most mostly worn during evening events and occasions like award ceremonies, proms as well as weddings. It is fair to say that many people will only wear tuxedos on special occasions especially those that have personal meaning to them. Suits on the other hand are more conservative making them suitable as ordinary wear. Many people in corporate jobs wear suits on a daily basis for work. They are definitely less flamboyant than tuxedos making them appropriate for interviews and other ordinary social scenes. In fact the latest fashion trends have made it quite common to find suits as appropriate wear to clubs and other social scenes.


As far as tradition goes, suits are normally paired with ties whereas tuxedos are always paired with either a bow tie or with a cummerbund. However, modern fashion enthusiasts have been known to go against the traditional norms and chances are that you will find people wearing bow ties with suits and even wearing a long tie with a tuxedo. If you more drawn to the classic look, then you may pair up your accessories as per tradition but if you prefer a more contemporary look, then you can always mix it up to suit your style.

Since tuxedo are usually reserved for those rare but amazing occasions, it makes more sense to rent one whenever the need arises rather than buying. Renting is not only cheaper but it also gives you the chance to always have a different tuxedo at every wedding or event instead of wearing the same tuxedo every other time. Just like any other clothing, tuxedos keep evolving in terms of style and therefore a tuxedo that you bought two years back may look a bit outdated no matter how well you take care of it.

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