What Are the Different Tuxedo Styles?


It is quite important for the men to be careful about their dressing sense. The way men dresses depend greatly on their profession and their lifestyle. So at the time of shopping it is very important to consider the place you work and the kind of people you are with. Nowadays, there are wide array of outfits for men that are available so you are able to pick one that is according to your own choice and taste.

Nowadays, tuxedo is the most formal attire for the men. It looks great whether it is worn on a formal meeting or a wedding ceremony. This is the reason one should go for tuxedo. Are you thinking that what are the different tuxedo styles? Tuxedos are of different types and these are designed for various occasions. However, all kinds of tuxedos do not fit all men. So before purchasing it, the first thing that you should do is to evaluate your body type. Here are few of the different tuxedo style that men should choose according to their body type.

Choose Your Tux Based On Body Type

Short and Slender: Men who have shorter, slender body frame should go for single breasted tuxedo jackets. While choosing pants, they should choose that pants that make them look more presentable. The double pleated trousers that fall up to the top of the shoes are best for them. Men with this kind of body frame can wear vests and ties that have patterns.

Short and Stocky: Men who are short in height but have athletic or muscular body should go for a tux jacket that has slim collars. The top button should reach their waist because it helps their torso to look leaner. Too much of space on the feet should be avoided otherwise the pants will appear sloppy. You should be very careful while choosing colorful vests and ties.

allure steeTall and Husky: The men who have athletic bodies and broad shoulders should go for shawl collar tuxedos. The size and the length of the jacket are very important. You can also go for the jacket that is a bit larger than your actual size. A jacket that is a bit loose provides ease for moving. In order to make sure that you are getting right length for your jacket, your fingertips should reach the bottom of the jacket. At the same time, the sleeves of the shirt should extend at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch beyond the sleeve of your jacket. If you have a thick neck and have wide face then you should go for t-shirts with lay-down collar instead of the wing clip collared shirts and you should go for the bow tie instead of the narrow one.

Tall and Slim: The men who are tall and slim are lucky because they look good in any kind of tuxedo. But they look better when the buttons of the jackets are closed up high. They can also wear vests and ties with any color and pattern.